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This Information form will be kept on file with both the Arts and Sciences Office and the Ęthelmearc Ęcademy. We would like to start a database of Instructors in Ęthelmearc. The information will be made available to Class Coordinators for Ęcademy Sessions, local Scholas, Colleges, Universities, etc. In Regions where you have indicated you are willing to teach. This information will be kept on a web site accessible only by the Staff of the Ęcademy and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. Our goal is to find out who is available to teach and the kinds of classes that are available. By signing this form, or registering online with your name in the space below, you are giving permission for this Information to be kept on file and released as needed. We thank you for your time and interest! Master Remus, AEcademy Chancellor