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Monday, 24-Jun-2019 21:29:28 CDT

Classroom 10:00-11:00AM 11:00 AM-12PM

Noon- 12:30PM LUNCH

12:30-1:30 PM 1:30-2:30 PM Break 2:30-3:00PM 3:00-4:00 PM 4:00-5:00 PM
202 B So You Want To Be a Scribe Playing With Mud   :& Taking the Brush - Introduction to Calligraphy   Oh Inspiration, where art thou
202 A Basic Heraldic Design for the SCA A Perfectly period paper Box   Preparing Shell Gold for Illumination Spectacles in Italy and Florence   How the Heavens Go: Galileo Galilei  
204 A 13th Century Men from the Waist Down Beautifully Buttoned   13th century Spinning Wheel Considerations Constructing a Man's Viking Cap   The Greenland Gown Constructing the 8 or 10 gore dress Seamly Work: Handsewing Made Easy
204 B Viking age stitchery You Be the Judge   So, You Think You CAN'T Teach? End the Dread of Writing Documentation   The Dating Game Recipe Formulation in Brewing
203 B   Battle Tactics of the Celts   Running an event without losing your head I Feel Pretty! And Period!   Soup to Pickles - An Introduction to Japanese Gastronomy So you want to be a Samurai - An Introduction to pre-modern Japan
201 A No Horse? No Problem...there's more to do than just ride. SCA Participation for Those With Physical Limitations   The A,B,C's of Equestrian Activities in the SCA Wanna Horse Around at Your Event?   Women in Njals Saga & LaxdSla Saga Giants and Trolls and Ghosts - OH MY!
Commmunity Room   Introduction to German Longswaord   "How to Have Fun Shooting Your Friends!": Intro to Combat Archery Tactics for Combat Archers and Fire Teams   Making SCA list legal weapons  
200 Songs of the Folk: A very short history of ballads in period     From simple to complex scrolls   Elizabethan Embroidery Evaluating Your Sources or How do I know I'm Getting Good Information

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