Welcome to the home page for the November 14th, 2015 session of Æthelmearc Æcademy

Fall Æthelmearc AEcademy & War College and Golden Chain

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shire of Riversedge

Overall Event Schedule:

SITE OPENS at 9:00 am
Morning Court 10:00 am
Classes begin 10:30am
Golden Chain 10:30am
Sideboard Lunch Noon to 2:00 pm
Classes end 5:30pm
Golden Chain ends 5:30pm
Royal Court 6:00 pm
Site closes 8:00 pm

Greetings citizens of AEthelmearc!

Fall Aecademy and War College: Living in History

It is with much excitement that the Shire of Riversedge invites the kingdom to join us on Saturday, November 14, 2015, for the Fall AEthelmearc AEcademy & War College. The event will be held at the French Creek Valley Campus (420 North Street, Saegertown PA 16433); we will welcome everyone starting at 9 am. Doors will close at 7 pm. The campus is laid all one level and we welcome those that need assistance to attend.

Living in History is the focus of Fall AEcademy. Looking to take your persona to the next level? Then this academy is for YOU! We invite all to teach, share your knowledge and learn! Some examples of classes we are hoping to see: mending, cooking (with an outdoor fire ready and waiting including a bread oven for classes), fiber arts, blacksmithing, pottery, wood working, bee keeping, animal husbandry, food preservation, medicinals, dyeing, ink making, C&I, knot tying, basketry, hound coursing, customs and manners, grooming, games, costuming, leather working and so much more!

This year's AEcademy will be filled with exciting new additions! Fall AEcademy will introduce a track of classes taught by and for our Kingdom's youth artisans. For more information about the youth track, to recommend a youth instructor or if you wish to teach a youth track class, please contact Duchess Ilish O'Donovan

Those of you who wish to teach with the War College have ample outdoor space for fighting, fencing, thrown weapons, youth fighting and fencing. If the weather is inclement, fencing and youth fighting can be held indoors in the gym.

We have something special lined up for the heavy weapons community, too! A Golden Chain day of learning and Tourney will be coordinated by Duke Duncan von Halstern and Syr Stefan Ulfkelsson. Classes taught by members of the Order of Chivalry will help you hone your skills, and a Golden Chain Tourney will let you put those skills to the test.

What else do we have for you? The shire will also host a sideboard lunch filling your pallets with meats, soups and breads of the harvest season, created by our very own Lord Calean O'Rurik and his wonderful staff. Lunch sideboard will be included with the site fee we do ask to please send in your reservations in advance to so the kitchen make sure there is an abundance for everyone.

Riversedge hopes you will join us and share your knowledge, skills and company. Event/site questions should be directed to the Autocrats; Duchess Ilish O' Donovan and Lady Katelyn. Teaching and classroom questions should be directed to Mistress Marsi of Hadley (Marci Waleff, 417 Milledgeville Road, Hadley, PA 16130, 724-866-4149).

The cost for the event is $10 for those 18 and older; attendees 17 and under are our guests and pay no fee (other than the NMS, if applicable). If you are not a paid member of the SCA, please remember to add a $5 Non Member Service Charge (NMS). Please make checks payable to SCA-PA, Inc. Shire of Riversedge and send to the shire exchequer, Duchess Ilish O'Donovan (Wendy Meka 1219 Lake Street Lake City, PA 16423).

 For more details, visit www.shireofriversedge.com/shireevents.htm 

Class Schedule:


Classroom 1
Youth Friendly

Classroom 2

Classroom 3

Classroom 4

Classroom 5

Classroom 6

Other Locations

Golden Chain
On the Field


Medieval Children Series: Beginning Butter Making: Elizabeth and Isabelle von Halstern

Beginning Netting: Baroness Clarice Roan

Cabochons - How Are They Made?: Baron artemius andreas magnus

From Seeing to Sewing: Intro to Pattern Making: Lady Elena de la Palma

Documenting Homebrew. What Digby never told you.: THL Madoc Arundel

"Segja Hvaða?!" Insults in Old Norse-Icelandic Literature: Baron Fridrikr Tomasson

Finished Brewing? NO, Bread!  A Use for Spent Grain
Viscountess Lucilla Theresa de Courtenay: Pavilion
2 hours
10:30  Introduction to armouring: Lord Enzo de Pazzi

Duke Timothy of Arindale
Basic Sword and Heater, Beyond the Basic Shots, The Basics of Melee
HRH Thomas Byron of Haverford
Controlling the Fight
Sir Delphinus of Ithaka
Early period kits, and how to get them to look more SCA
Count Isenwulf Thorolfssone
Footwork: More than Just Moving Your Feet.
Sir Vladimir Mechnik
How's it Hanging, Your body and how your armour fits.
Sir Tristan Sexwulf
Impromptu combat and/or philosophy class
Sir Alonzio of the Peacemakers
Duke Marcus Eisenwald
Mentality: Path to overcoming doubts
Duke Maynard von dem Steine    Polearm
HRM Magnus Tindal
HRH Ariella of Thornbury
Count Andreas Morgan
The left-handed fighter
Duke Sven Gunnarsson
Two hand sword fighting, incorporating a more medieval style to the weapon form.

Knights VS. Unbelts

Unbelted Tournament


Making Felt Balls: Sisu the Strong


German Renaissance Accessories: Meisterin Fredeburg v
on Katzenellenbogen

16th-Century Coif Make-and-Take: Lady Mairin O'Cadhla
2 hours

Finding an SCA name: Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth

Documentation: Form and Function: Mistress Odriana vander Brugghe

Une Pratique Sur les Angles - A Practice in Angles for Single Sword or Sword and Dagger: Countess Elena d'Artois
Main Gym


Marguerite Makes a Book- An Interactive Story: Lady Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne

On Being a Signet: Baroness Alexandra dei campagnella

Food and Drink in Early Medieval Ireland: Master Cynwyl Mac Daire

Viking Art:Is it a Borre?: Lord Mael Daire Ua Duinn

Heavy Metal Embroidery: Finnish Style! Part 1: Duchess Siobhan

Cooking on a Fire for Beginners: Lady Margaret of Enniscorthy

Introduction to combat archery:  Baron Friderich Swartzwalder
Main Field


Beginning Stick Weaving: Thora the Destroyer

Musical Manuscript using Period Tools, Methods and Materials: Lady Mairghread Stoibheard inghean ui Choinne

Researching for a project and how to proceed: Mistress Gillian Lywellyn

Poisons and their Historical Uses:  Lady Maggie Rue

To Be Well Red: Maitresse Marguerite d'Honfleur

Heavy Metal Embroidery: Finnish Style! Part 2: Duchess Siobhan

Becoming a Youth Combat Marshal: Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope
Main Gym

2 hours


Printmaking Made Easy (For all ages): Meisterin Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen

The Ubiquitous Recorder:  Master Remus Fletcher

Beginning Lampwork Bead Making: Lady Aranwen verch Rhys ap Gwalter

2 hours

Poisons/Medicines/Useful Plants in the Field: Lady Maggie Rue

What is a Perfectly Period Feast?: Mistress Odriana vander Brugghe

Judging an SCA Brewing Competition: THL Madoc Arundel

Constructing Commedia dell Arte Scenarios: Lady Luceta di Cosimo

Cafeteria Stage Area


Write Like A Viking:  Gróa arnarnef and Tíðfríðr Alfarinsdottir

Moving Beyond Recorders – Crumhorn, Cornamuse and Kortholt: Master Remus Fletcher

Silk Banner Making: Baron Friderich Swartzwalder

2 hours
sink access will be in the custodial closet in the
hall way

Wars of the Roses, a primer : Master Gille MacDhnouill




Nalbinding : Lady Saille O Ruairc

Of Charcoal and Lye: Elska Fjarfell

Brocaded Tablet Weaving: Baron Silvester Burchardt

Too Terrified to Teach? Riddikulus!: Mistress Alicia Langland



Fall Academy Sideboard Lunch Menu (Complete list of ingredients will be posted at Check-in):

Map showing site:

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