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The Ăcademy shall serve the populace by providing a forum whereby the populace may teach and learn, disseminate research through publications, discussions and displays of arts and sciences. It will be an educational resource by maintaining teacher and class lists that local scholas may call upon. It may publish a proceedings and maintain a web page. It will host educational events that rotate throughout the Kingdom. GENERAL POLICIES

A. There will be one session of the Æcademy per reign. One session is in the Kingdom Rotation, during the summer reign. The preferred date of this session is the third weekend of June and must be approved by the Royalty and Kingdom Seneschal per Article VIII of Kingdom Law. The other session of the Æcademy will be held during the winter reign. The preferred date of this session will be in November. Preferably this session will be held in a region opposite the previous or subsequent session. This session will follow the same rules as for all other local-level events scheduled in the kingdom.

B. The Kingdom-level session will rotate through the 5 regions, beginning with Region 1 in June of 2002. The winter session will also rotate but has no set schedule.

C. Officers of the Æcademy

  1. Chancellor: A deputy to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences and is appointed by the KMoAS with approval of the Crown. Makes reports after each session and before Curia to the KMoAS. Keeps track of teachers and classes in Æthelmearc. Keeps track of rotation of sessions around the regions.
  2. Provost: Emergency deputy to the Chancellor, appointed by the Chancellor with approval of the KMoAS.
  3. Regents: Also regional deputies to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences and are appointed by the KMoAS. Assist the Chancellor in keeping track of teachers and classes in their region.
  4. Dean of the War College: Appointed by the Chancellor with approval of the KMoAS. Arranges for teachers in the Martial areas.
  5. Æcademy Web Minister: Appointed by the Chancellor with approval of the KMoAS. Administers the Aecademy web page.
  6. Further details and responsibilities of all officers are outlined in the Æcademy Handbook.

D. Æcademy Funds and Expenses — Funds shall be held by the Kingdom Exchequer with a cap of $1,200.00. Funds exceeding that amount may roll over first to the Arts and Sciences Office and second to the Historians Offices with a cap of $500.00 each. Once those caps are reached funds go into the general fund. Expenses include funds for management of the website, publication costs of proceedings, teacher honorariums, student/teacher evaluation forms, teacher thank yous, and office expenses. Requests for reimbursement will be channeled through the KMoAS as per the Kingdom Exchequers policies.

E. Æcademy Fees — Per Kingdom Law the Kingdom rotation session is a Kingdom Fundraiser with a suggested donation by the hosting group of 50% of the profits earmarked for the Æcademy. The Æcademy will not collect any other fees for this session. For the session not on the Kingdom Rotation, a donation to the Æcademy may be discussed with the hosting group, but is not a requirement.

F. For each of these sessions the local Exchequer of the group sponsoring the session will file an Event Financial report with the Kingdom Exchequer and the Chancellor, recording the amount the hosting group is donating to the Æcademy within 30 days of the event.

Updated Policies of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc AS XLIV (2009)

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