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SpringÆthelmearc AEcademy & War College

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Shire of Ballachlagan

Greetings citizens of AEthelmearc!

Aecademy and War College

Attention all ye artisans and warriors; teachers and those who want to be taught, The Shire of Ballachlagan host this spring's AEthelmearc Academy and War College. The site shall be at Warwood School, 150 Viking Ave, Wheeling, WV 26003 on June 11, 2016. The site is bone dry and smoke free.  This site offers three parking lots.  We ask that the north parking lot be reserved for disability accessibility and kitchen staff.  The west parking lot is for general parking.  The south (courtyard) parking lot is for Royals and merchants.  Please, not pets unless they are service animals.

As Aethelmearc Academy approaches, please email any concerns to the autocrat, THL AElric Ravenshaw at archais at msn dot com or leave a message at 304-639-2477.

The head cook for the day’s lunch is Lady Caitlyn Evans.  Please contact her for dietary concerns at hodgeskatiej at gmail dot com

Event Registration for the day shall be $19.00 for adults at the door. Adult Member Discount Event Registration will be $14.00. Children 6 through 17 shall be $6.00 and children 5 and under are free. Please provide proof of membership for the discount amount. There is a family cap of $46. These fees includes the lunch for the day.

You may start reserving your space now. Reservations may be sent to Lady Juliana Ravenshaw, (Julie Schultz) 107 N. 10th St, Wheeling, WV 26003, or the autocrat, THL AElric Ravenshaw (Russ Schultz) at the same address.

The event schedule for the day is as follows:

Troll opens at 8:30 for staff, vigil staff, royalty, and merchants
Troll opens at 9:30 for general populace
10:30: First Class Session
Arts and Science Display opens
11:30: Morning Court begin
Heraldic Consulting table opens
12:00 Second Class Session begins
1:00 -1:45 Lunch (with sideboard-like food running for a few more hours)
1:45 Classes Resume until 5:45
5:45 Laurel Meeting
Evening Court begins at 6:30
Site closes when court is over

 The lunch menu will include, ham, peas and onions in butter garlic sauce, carrots and celery, baked squash, and a yummy dessert.  Lunch will be served at 1:00.  Leftovers will be served until they are gone or until 4:00.

In addition to our classes, an Arts and Sciences display will viewable to all.  This year’s theme is “Getting Ready for Pennsic.”  Please bring any works, completed or in progress, to exhibit.

If you are interested in becoming a thrown weapons marshal, Lady Juliana Ravenshaw will be offering a workshop on everything you need to know from setting up a range, inspecting weapons, running the range, and other various aspects of thrown weapons marshaling.

For more details, visit http://ballachlagan.org/

Interested in teaching a marshalled activity? Our site has three fields. In the event of bad weather, we have two gymnasiums available.

Merchants welcome, please contact the Merchant Liason, Lady Iaroslava Ivanovna (Anna Kueberth) by phone at (410) 615-1646. Please, no calls after 9:30 pm.

Please visit the teacher registration link if you are interested in teaching a class;

Please follow this link to see a list of classes.

Directions.  The community of Warwood is isolated.  There is literally only one way there.  Find your best way to Route WV2. 

If you are coming from the east, west, or south, travel North on Rt WV2 until you get into Warwood community (you can’t miss the signs).  Then turn left at the stop light at the Kroger’s Plaza (Viking Ave)

If you are coming from the north, travel on Rt WV2 until you get into Warwood community (you can’t miss the signs).  Turn right at the stop light at Kroger’s Plaza (Viking Avenue)

The Wheeling Area has a number of hotels and restaurants. Here is a link to find several hotels, www.google.com/#q=wheeling+wv+hotels

Map showing site:

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